Saturday, August 20, 2016

Rodents Squirrels and Wildlife Removal Service in Houston , Cypress, Humble and Surronding Areas.


We provide a thorough and professional rodent removal service by eliminating them from the structure and providing a disinfect treatment.  Call for a free estimate and to schedule an inspection. 


We provide a humane and animal safe solution by evicting them from the strucure and then providing the disinfect treatment .   

Rodents, Squirrels and Wildlife Removal Service 

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Honey Bee Swarms


Despite all the hype on killer bees! During the spring time honey bees will split off and swarm, you may see them stuck to a tree or hanging off a car too.  They normally aren't aggressive in this state since they are more interested in finding a home and reserving their energy.  When a swarm is ready to leave the hive with the new queen they will gorge themselves with honey to sustain them for the journey, so wasting energy to sting you is the last resort. Let me warn you though if you get too close with a weed eater or lawnmower that may set them off and you will get buzzed and then stung if you don't move away!

My advice is call a professional to come and relocate them and avoid the area til they are removed or fly away in a couple of days.

Michael Sexton ( Bee Wild Pest Control)

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Bee Control Katy Texas 

Honey Bee Swarm Relocation Time!

Honey Bee Swarms are very common during this part of the year i get 20 calls and more a day.  Honey Bee swarms normally aren't dangerous unless provoked, the reason is because before the split off and swarm they need to stuff  themselves with honey for the journey.  On that note they will maintain as much energy as possible, so chasing and stinging someone is a last resort.  They will though still attack if provoked or feel threatened, since they have nothing to protect but the queen they are somewhat calmer.  Their are the exception when it comes to africanized bees are quite more aggressive.  If you come in contact with one of these swarms unless its in an area where contact with humans and children are just let them be and they will fly off soon or move in the nearest suitable place.


Michael Sexton